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“Because Life Always Matters, Hospice of McDowell County is there for you.”

"A Tulip" ©Rick Riddle, 2004

"A Tulip" ©Rick Riddle, 2004

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Bantam Chef Employees Recycle Cans to Benefit Hospice of McDowell Patients by $6,619


Tony Panou, owner of Bantam Chef, and his employees present a check for $1833 to Kit Cosgrove, Executive Director of Hospice of McDowell County on July 24,2012. They have given 9 checks since January, 2010 to Hospice of McDowell from proceeds of recycling restaurant items, primarily aluminum cans, totaling $10,069 through January, 2014. Tony is an avid proponent of recylcing and has asked his customers to help by bringing their cans to Bantam Chef at 1116 South Main Street in Marion--he even printed flyers to advertise this program. This check for 6 months of recycling proceeds is triple the first check given, so their efforts are really gaining momentum. The employees enjoy being good citizens of their community by helping protect the environment and benefiting a good cause at the same time. The money is used to assist patients with basic life needs and medications that are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance so they fill critical needs of hospice patients and their families. Thank you Bantam Chef employees!

Hospice of McDowell Quilt Block Installed

At the heart of our quilt square is the lotus flower which is in white to symbolize the light that shines with hope, life and love.  The circle surrounding this represents the continuum of life and the four petals represent the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of Hospice care. 

The symbols of the heart and the home speak to our motto

 Home is where the Heart is.

The dove and the butterfly

 speak to the peace and releasing of our loved ones.


Listen to an interview with our chaplain, Chuck Tripp on how Hospice is a healing ministry. Matt Stockman interviews Chuck at WMIT 106.9 radio. CLICK HERE and wait for download.



Child Grief and Loss Program

New Community Outreach in Center of Hope

Successful and Expanding!






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